Friday, January 15, 2010

Security Measures

This is not the most profound of blog entries, but I thought I ought to explain a couple of relatively minor changes I have made to NiCK'S SANCTUARY recently.

Firstly I have finally succumbed to requesting comment verification on my posts; I know I previously made a big deal about my intention not to do this in order not to deter genuine comments from being posted. However the number of attacks from spambots visiting my blog (particularly on two specific entries), has increased exponentially in recent weeks... and I just don't have the time to police all my entries as often as it is occurring.

Secondly I've switched the widget that connects to my Twitterfeed. Blogger's official one seems to have been hacked. Despite showing up correctly in preview mode, it appears with what is apparently someone else's feed... and an unpleasant one at that. I had a look around and discovered that Twitter do a widget themselves. This one appears to function... although one wonders if even that is susceptibale to the kind of attack exhibited by Iranian hackers that Twitter and Baidu recently succumbed to. For that matter, I wonder if blogging platforms might themselves become likely targets... after all those seeking to oppress the freedom of expression and speech require liitle incentive, given that many blogs are charged with political and/or religious thinking on a wide range of the ideological spectrum.

Maybe it's something that The major blogging platforms should be thinking about.

Finally on a much lighter note, I've been experimenting with publishing posts from my iPhone. It's not something I can see me doing a lot of... but it is nice to have the facility... for those occasions when I'm a liitle "off grid".

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