Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Right Old State!

I thought I'd entered a parallel dimension a few days ago.

The newsreader moved onto a story concerning Lady Thatcher and the fact the Government has rubber stamped the idea of giving her a state funeral when she finally departs this mortal coil.

Then I discovered that... no this was in fact reality.

I can't believe it. Irrespective of what your political leanings are, I don't think Thatcher ticks enough of the right boxes to have this honour afforded to her.

I am strongly of the opinion that state funerals should only be awarded to people whose contribution to the nation's welfare (be it military, social or economic) is so unquestionably recognised from every quarter, that there can be little room for dispute.

Churchill ticked that box, so did Wellington... so did Nelson.

Margaret Thatcher is anything but that.

She has split people right down the middle. If you think you can find a miner or industrial labourer who'd support the notion of a state funeral, I'd be highly surprised.

I actually think it's foolishness to commemorate the life of Lady Thatcher in this manner. I think it will bring out the worst in people. The likelihood is that the many people who would be angered and hurt by this decision... may hold a macabre festival of their own. I can see people celebrating her demise in an inappropriate way in a counter establishment response.

You may be reading this and thinking of doing that very thing - and as much as I disapprove of Thatcher's style of Government, I could never agree to such a thing.

But you see... I think I have this figured. There's one reason why a "Labour" Government would approve this.

It is a reason that I find even more gut churning.

When the rough beast that is Tony Blair ends his days (if that is even possible), they will be clamouring for exactly the same thing... and that would be equally wrong, if not more so.

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