Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Widget... Widget.... A Widget I Have Got.

Just a brief pause in the proceedings to tell you about a new networking widget I've attached to my blog.

I stumbled upon SezWho purely by accident... although, I actually wander who stumbled upon who... because I honestly don't recall requesting a sign up email.

I think what really impresses me about the SezWho tool, is that it enables you - the discerning reader, to go through all my posts and rate them. It also allows everyone - reader and author alike, to rate comments. So even people who haven't signed up... gradually get rated for their contributions on the web.

It looks like the intention is to allow people who blog on multiple sites... or who have a multi-faceted online presence with profiles on a wide selection of social media, to gradually have their entire input on the Internet evaluated by everyone in their web communities.

I'd certainly like to see this expand to include things like Flixster and, if it does not already do so.

So take a gander at the stars at the bottom of my posts and if you like them (or loathe them for that matter), let me know by rating me. As I'm all set up now, you can rate people who have left me comments as well.

I really encourage you to get the widget, It's a really good thing to be able to support/encourage one another's input...and this is one excellent way which it is possible.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Nick,

    Thanks for the kind words and the good ideas. We'll explore them.

    Hope you had a good experience in installing/activating the widget. Let me know if you face any issues.

    Indus Khaitan


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