Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Preparation, Preparation, Preparation

I'm going to be taking part in a preaching workshop on Saturday... which will eventually lead to me going on a short weekly course. I received a confirmation email about it yesterday and there were some preliminary questions for me to answer, to help the people who are in charge of the workshop prepare.

I thought it would be fun to post my answers up here. Now for some reason they thought people would be concerned about the answer they gave to the second question; they said they would not make it public... but I don't really care, it's not an issue for me. I thought maybe I could start it as a Meme, if you want to copy it go for it... though I think there is very little point in you posting an answer to the final question. I've never generated a Meme from scratch before so this'll be a first!

1: How many times have you preached, approximately?

I think about 30 - 50 or so times but not many of them have been recent.

2: Who is the most effective preacher you have heard?

Probably Tony Campolo.

3: Why did you choose them?

I like the way he makes observations from real life stories, personal experience and anecdotes and converts them all into mini parables or illustrations about the point he is making. I also like his philosophy of being "as conservative as God's Law, as liberal as God's love" - I think there is volumes of stuff you can take out of that short statement.

4: What is your favourite movie?

I used to be a media student sooooo many films! I also tend to blog a lot using examples from film...but I'll list a few personal favourites in no particular order:

Lord of the Rings
Lady in the Water
The Star Wars franchise
The Miracle Maker
Deja Vu
Amazing Grace
The Princess Bride

5: What is your favourite music? I'll keep this list shorter ;-)

Original film scores and some Classical
Rock/Alternative Rock/Adult Contemporary/Acoustic

6: If you could only take one book from the Bible to a desert island, which one would you choose?

I think it would be John's Gospel...some of Jesus' most potent and outrageous claims/statements are in there. I'm particularly fond of Jesus description of himself as the Good Shepherd as he tells people plainly what is going to happen to him well before time. I just love it that he tells his critics with audacity exactly who he is, why he has come, that it's going to cost him his life and that he is going to come back.

7: What do you hope for from the Preaching Workshop?

I hope to be able to be in a position to use what I learn more often. To have more opportunity to serve God by sharing my own experiences of who he is and what I believe hear him saying, and see him doing.

Have fun... and for the record I'm tagging Alastair, Andrew, Benny, Chrissie, Helen and Milly for this... just to get the ball rolling.

Feel free to poach this!

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