Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Enter the Dragon?

According to the BBC, an interesting debate has been sparked off in the House of Commons. It appears that Wrexham's Labour MP - Ian Lucas, has called for the Dragon of Wales to appear on the Union Flag.

Peterborough's Tory MP - Stewart Jackson has opposed the idea and labelled it as "eccentric" and unpopular.

However, I'm all for it. The intellectual legalists will argue of course that Wales is technically a principality and not a full blooded country... so there is no need. Crusty traditionalists will be opposed because "it's been like this for 207 years and hasn't needed changing, so why change now?" However, we refer to Wales as a "home nation" in our sports... and most people seem to culturally identify Wales as a country if you talk to them. So surely this weakens the former argument. The latter argument against - the traditionalist one, isn't even a supported one. It's just an opinion based solely on personal feeling.

I actually think sticking a dragon on the front of our flag will give it attitude... I also believe Wales has a right to be represented on the flag. It's not right that we treat the Cymru as cultural pets. They are equal brothers in my view. This is something that should be debated. Okay lets not spend years arguing over it, but we should have a genuine open debate to see what the general consensus is.

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