Thursday, July 12, 2007

London Calling...

I'm not going to be blogging for a couple of days as I am combining a work outing with a visit to my sister's house in London.

I won't have too much time to make a nuisance of myself however, because I have to be back on Saturday night, due to the fact I am preaching at church the following morning. Heaven only knows what I'll come up with.

I am supposed to be visiting Westminster Palace in the afternoon and this bothers me somewhat because I always get picked out of a crowd to be frisked whenever I go to concerts (I guess I must either be really popular or extremely dodgy looking). With the current heightened security levels.... well, let us just say it could be an "interesting" experience for me.

I always get picked on!

When I went on the Jubilee 2000 march in Birmingham 9 years ago, I waved at a US sniper on the roof of the Atlantic Hotel... and he actually aimed at me in response!


Don't know what I'll do with remainder of my time.... maybe I'll get lucky and bump into Carey Mulligan... wouldn't that be just ace!

Whatever happens, this is just me getting my toes in the water. Once I've established a clear understanding of how to get to my sister's house, I'm hoping to try and put in a couple of more visits.

Would appreciate your prayers for safe passage.

God bless you all in my absence.



  1. I have nominated you for the Awesome Guy Blogger Award, see my latest post.

  2. Hey I've been working in London these past few days, hence lack of blogging, and actually near Westminster Palace. Can't divulge where though! Can't stand traveling to London especially in rush hour. If I had to do it regularly I think I would go insane!

    I always get frisked whenever I go to a place with Security as well. Especially big walk through metal detectors. I always manage to set them off.

    Hope you had a good trip!


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