Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I've found her!

A few posts ago I spoke about the new Npower Wembley advert... or more specifically, the actress in it. Here she is:

Well I've finally managed to track the advert down... the one on the Npower owned site is a little jerky, so I decided to plumb for this version.

I think she's really sweet, but have no idea who she is. She kind of looks familiar... a bit like the archetypal girl next door. Maybe that is why I find her attractive.

It's kind of hard to look for people on IMDB when the only credit you know of is "Wembley advert girl".

Any ideas?

Anybody... anybody?

Update as at 21st July 2007

OK, so here's the deal. I believe I have found out who she is... but I am sorely tempted to keep this information to myself. However I feel I have a duty of honour to the hordes of people who have come here via search engines in search of the an answer to this question. I shall update my tags to help out as well.

Yeah yeah I know... "just shut up Nick and tell us already!"

My source -
darth_librarian, over at, suggested that the actress might be Alice Henley... and upon closer scrutiny of the CV he kindly linked to, it appears he is correct. You might vaguely recognize her as being Octavian's new wife in the HBO/BBC series Rome. Although for one reason or another I prefer her look in the advert.

I discovered a couple of other things in the course of my research... but I think you can take it from here. I've fulfilled my "obligation".

So if you happen to drop her agency a line, do me a favour and say where you heard it first! Oh and if you are her agent and you are investigating this link due to an increased number of hits on her cv r your own website. Please tell her I said a very warm and friendly "hello."

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  1. Anonymous8:42 pm

    she's HOT! such a beautiful smile... thnx for the information! btw, do you have any idea of what is the music in this advert?


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