Thursday, May 03, 2007

Paint it Black?

Man I love that Rolling Stones song.

Truth be told, I was going to switch back to the traditional purple today... but I don't know, I'm kind of getting attached to the darker physical aspect of the blog. I get the impression it might be a little bit easier to read as well.

What are peoples opinions? If you want to compare, the old purple is still to be found down the sidebar in various modules (of course they will have to go black too if this stays permanent).

I value your input.




  1. Anonymous4:22 pm

    i like the dark look better :)

    GREAT you've managed to pay off all your debts, that's awesome! woo woo! you coming to the training weekend?

  2. Black all the Way!

    But I would say that as my blog is black!

  3. Anonymous3:39 am

    I agree, the black background and light lettering is so much easier on the eyes. And I gotta say too, congratulations Nick on your financial victories!!! If only we all could learn from your discipline (we are challenged, but do we learn?) :):):)

    Blessings Brother!

  4. In an effort to be a lone voice in the wilderness, I like purple. Accessibility isn't all its cracked up to be!


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