Thursday, February 22, 2007

Fair Play for Fair Pay

I watched with interest, a brief news story that revealed that the All England Tennis Association (organisers of Wimbledon), have equalised the pay between male and female contenders. Everybody in the vox pops thought it was great... I'm probably in the minority but I don't completely agree.

I'm not opposed to the decision to allow women tennis players the same rate of pay as the men. However it seems utter madness to allow them the same salary, for doing less work. As it stands, Men play to a maximum of five sets, women only play three. It's just not fair to pay the same level of money for doing different levels of work.... and lets not forget that the top players of any sport, already make obscene amounts of money from sponsorship deals and merchandising these days.

I say let them play five sets and THEN let them have completely equal pay. Anything less than this is criminal to either side.

It's only fair.... don't you think?


  1. Anonymous6:18 am

    A man who I admire more than most others said to me "Jon, your curse and your best blessing is that you were created as " a thinker ".

    I struggled with that. But, i get it now. And so, with all reverance I say to you Nick...

    you, sir, are a thinker and you use your talent attempting to open the minds and hearts of others, therefore... stay true, stay strong, and simply (profoundly) be you :):):)

    God loves you Nick and is working in and thru you!


  2. When I first heard that women were finally getting the same pay as men, I was absolutely thrilled. However, after reading this post I absolutely agree with you. It's not about equality, and the women should deserve the same pay if they do the same amount of work. This is totally like paying men and women the same, when the men are working 40 hours and the women are working 30!

    Absolutely great point! Well played sir.


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