Monday, November 21, 2005

A Little Older... A Little W... Never Mind

If you come here regularly, the more observant of you will have noticed a slight difference in my profile.

Yes today is my birthday... (collect £10 from every player). At the moment, 31 doesn't feel any older than 30... but no doubt that'll change in a month or so.... but it's all relative really. Most people put me in my mid to late 20's... including the local barber.

The only really noticeable difference is that I keep singing the theme tune to the old cartoon Ulysses 31, purely because of the numerical value in the title. Sad or what?

Today is also the 31st anniversary of the IRA Birmingham Pub Bombings... I was born just 50 minutes before the explosions... 30 odd miles away in the Monroe Davis Maternity Home in Stratford.

And it seems I'll be off to Narnia! I didn't think I was going to be able to watch the new film of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. I'm due to get my car serviced at the end of the month and I suspect it will leave me pretty short in the run up to Christmas.

Then... tonight, I opened a birthday card from my sister (who is hard up herself at the moment having upped her roots and headed for London... quitting her job while still having a mortgage on her home in Redditch). I'm really grateful to her because inside was an amount of cash with the words:
Please Spend on:

1. One large coke
2. One medium popcorn
3. Ticket to see Aslan

Have a nice time!

Heh heh, God moves in mysterious ways. It's always nice to get a present that fits you like a glove, I love the Narnia books. Now I shall have to rally a few troops... so we can go further up an further in (oops sorry that's later in "The Last Battle").

Right... well, come December the 8th I will be off to experience the Deeper Magic that comes from before the Dawn of Time (providing it hasn't been edited into secular dust).

Coincidentally I did a couple of Narnia personality tests... my top two results were:

As Tirian, you are valiant, brave and loyal. While you may have a silly name, you help others in the face of adversity and always uphold what is right.

As Prince Rilian, you are brave, noble and intelligent, but easily misguided! Just make sure you don't go after any green women.

LOL ain't that the truth?????????

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