Tuesday, January 03, 2006

New Year, New Bible, New Age

I know what you probably thought when you read that but no, I'm not putting all my beliefs in a cosmic blender together with eastern mysticism.

What I meant was that I actually have managed to replace my NIV Study Bible, the one that I "lost" in Coventry Cathedral. I hope that one finds a new home with someone who needs it and can make use of the verses I emphasised. It's funny you know, up until recently I had viewed the loss of my Bible as a negative thing to me personally... that particular book had been with me a pretty long time; I was familiar with it and it was like an old friend. However, t I've come around to looking at the situation quite differently.

I'm one of those Christians who attacks his Bible with a highglighter pen; I highlight verses of personal importance to both myself individually and the currrent Church generation generically. I feel that God is using this as another opportunity to remind me of how different I am to the person and even the Christian I had been up until a couple of years ago. I think he is saying that I am learning completely different lessons now, and I have new promises and blessings to receive... new frontiers to explore. My old Bible was one of the last links I had to my past faith, the time when I was as spiritually bruised, battered and broken as that Bible had become.

Now I start afresh.

Many verses I highlight now, will be different to the ones from before. Some of the old ones might not be highlighted this time around.

Recently I was reminded about King Arthur. A lot of people mistakenly assume that he had Excalibur from the very beginning. In fact, the sword in the stone was the Sword of Britain. It was only when the Sword of Britain was lost to him, that Merlin took him To the Lady of the Lake to receive Excalibur. This new Bible shall be like Excalibur to me.

It's another step along the freshly provided path and it comes at a time when I believe God is challenging me to grow. Wisdom is the Way. I will explain when I have more time... but for now, I leave you with that thought...

Wisdom is The Way.

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