Wednesday, January 18, 2006

High Noon

This morning I heard an interesting sound.

It was the faint jingle of spurs approaching, as peers from the House of Lords, consider the merits of having a showdown - spaghetti western style with El Presidente Blair and his bandits, as reported in the two BBC reports below:

Peers 'may force terror showdown'
Are Lords out of order on terror?

The peers have twice thrown out proposed Government bills this week, and rightly so. There was a time when I would have looked upon the House of Lords as purely an archaic, self serving institution. At the moment however they are the only form of opposition who are capable of slamming on the brakes of Blair's agenda.

Blair is arguing that he has a mandate to bring in his "jack boot" authoritarian laws because he was elected. This is rather a dubious claim because as the Lords have rightly surmised, the increase in voter apathy, together with the depletion of New Labour seats to both the Tories and Liberal Democrats; is a good indicator that the tide of public opinion over recent months does not give Blair any basis for believing himself to have a "firm mandate". Yes he was elected, but it was nothing to crow about... no matter what his army of spin doctor's tell you.

I don't agree with the curbing of free speech as prescribed by the Blair Camp. I don't agree with biometric ID cards. Even if the Government believe had good intentions with these Laws - the very nature of their wording would make it easy to warp them towards favouring certain points of view in a court of Law. This is the danger of poorly thought out Laws - Civil Case Law always translates them into a beast that they were not intended to be. Regardless of this, I do not believe whoever thought these Bills up, had honourable intentions in mind. If they become Acts, this country will take a firm turn for the worse.

I could go on ad infinitum speaking on ground I have already covered. However, if you want to read further on what my views actually are, here are hyperlinks to several of my previous political blogs, which I strongly urge you to read:

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I hope they prove elightening.



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