Thursday, July 07, 2005

London Bombings

I just want to send out my heartfelt sympathy for those affected by the atrocities that took place in London this morning.

It's awful.

The security in London would have been reduced, because some police were being temporarily drafted up north to help handle the G8 conference. A perfect time to attack, especially as the international eye is on London at the moment due to the G8 and the Olympic news.

Early indications from Arab sources and MI5 are implying an Al Qaeda attack. The BBC news correspondent I was listening to was saying that the suggestion that one of the attacks was perpetrated by a suicide bomber would seem to point to Al Qaeda as well.

The Prime Minister for all his faults, and for as much as I dislike him and his policies - genuinely sounded shocked and broken by what had happened.

This is a good time for the G8 leaders to stand united on the subject. A joint, live statement on TV would be good.

It's also absolutely vital that the issues being discussed at the G8 (especially Africa and climate change) are not dismissed because of this, and it's absolutely right for Tony Blair to return to the capital for at least a short while, to observe firsthand what has happened.

If you have any views on the subject, or even prayer requests for anybody caught up in events, I'd like to hear from you.

I hope that you and yours, are safe and well.



I just heard George Bush's words to the media as he emerged from the G8 meeting to issue a statement... "The war on terror goes on..." This is not a time for political posturing, or striking back half-cocked; nor is it a time for sabre rattling. For pities sake, the bodies of the dead have not gone cold and the tears of thise who mourn have not yet dried! It is a time for reflection, taking stock, grieving alongside those who suffer and comforting them. It is a time to help the broken rebuild. Just because his feet are swift to rush into blood, doesn't mean ours have to be.

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