Wednesday, June 15, 2005

MSN, China & Christian Bloggers

Found this news item on the Beeb a few hours ago:

MSN & China story.

I find this very disturbing. I just hope this doesn't result in persecution for the people I know who blog over there. Especially Calven and Pett'ho. According to Open Doors, China is among the top ten countries for persecution of Christians. It's not as bad as it was before. Now it is legal to be one, but you have to register as one... which leaves you open to monitoring and intimidation.

I had heard rumours that factions within China's Government were more open to the idea of freedom of religious expression, because they could see certain economic benefits in being more relaxed about it. I just hope these people win out in the end. I am certain God is at work, in either case.

If you are in China, and this story disturbs you... let me know how you feel. Tell me what we can do to help.

Since writing this article, I was appalled to see on News at 10 last night, news footage that appeared to show clashes in China over rural land. China has one of the most powerful economies in the world (it recently overtook the UK). Despite this, the difference between the rich industrial areas and the very poor rural areas is massive. It now appears that industrialists wish to encroach upon unprofitable rural land and convert it to suit their purposes, despite the protests of farmers and their families.

Back to computers, and I then got to wondering... does my Government crawl my site, I'm sure they must to some degree, I mean they probably snoop on everyone, and lets face it I'm subversive enough to probably qualify for some attention (by that I mean I don't just assume the Government has my best interests, or that of the general public at heart)... just how thick is my MI5 dossier getting these days?

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