Friday, May 27, 2005

Lost in Translation

Well I promised I'd shut up about politics. Today's weather HAS been glorious, hottest day in May for over 50 years! Certainly felt like it.
I was looking at the translations Google uses for my space in several languages. As you all know, I am crazy enough as it is. However, is it any wonder people give me strange looks when my space's title "Nick's Sanctuary" translates into the following:
  • French & Portuguese - "The Sanctuary Of the Notch"
  • German - "Already area of the cut"
  • Spanish - "Sanctuary of Mella"
  • Italian - "Sanctuary Of The Scalfittura"
  • Japanese - "Nick' The sacred precincts"
  • Chinese - "Nick' s saint"

I mean, half of those sound like religious cults. My favourite is probably the Italian. What the heck is a Scalfittura anyway?

Any ideas? I think it might mean scratch! Sanctuary of the Scratch... hmmm!
Since originally posting this article I've discovered that computer software translates "Nick's Sanctuary" to the Arabic equivalent of "The Nicholas Deprivation" and in Hebrew it becomes "Furrowed a Temple". The former sounds really depressing, but the latter conjures up an image of being a ploughman in Church. Churning up all the soil to prepare for the sowing of seed. Which is pretty profound.

Hope you are all blessed over the bank holiday.

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