Thursday, April 21, 2005

Tony Blair

Again he lies. Should we really be surprised? He keeps shifting the goalposts about when he'll step down. Originally he said two terms was enough. About a month before the election announcement he then said he'd probably step down in September to give his successor a proper run in. Then that changed to mid-term. Now he's gone on the record as saying he'll serve a full third term.
I would have tolerated "New" Labour getting in if I knew Blair would be gone soon after, and Gordon Brown would be at the helm. But now Mr "I'm Tory Plan B" (yes that is an anagram of PM Tony Blair) has scuppered that.
By the way type the word "liar" into Google and see what comes up as the 1st result!
Enough of my negative rant now!
Update as of 23rd April:
While visiting my sister in hospital today, I found out that Blair had recently visited the Alexandra while campaigning for the election. Now here is something you need to know, because it says a lot about the man... none of the people who he was seen talking to were actual patients. All of the people that were approached in the hospital refused to be even pictured with him, so the Labour PR machine hired ACTORS! So he's not just prepared to mislead the nation over WMD's, but also healthcare.
Truly, you were born to lie Mr Blair.
If it were me, I would have played nice and pretended to be excited, and then when the cameras were rolling... then I'd let fly with what I REALLY thought. That's how you beat slick PR machine's... feed them what you think they want, then with their defences down, fire a salvo across your target's bows.
I suppose I should have added this under 23rd April, but to be honest I don't want to waste any more space on the parasitic little powermonger.

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