Monday, February 28, 2005

Blair "Terror Warning"

And so we have yet another Terror warning from Uncle Tone. Here's the dictionary definition of the word "terrorise":

v 1: coerce by violence or with threats [syn: terrorize] 2: fill with terror; frighten greatly [syn: terrify, terrorize]
So, yes, we do have hundreds of terrorists within Britain's borders. However, if you look at interpretation 2, it has to be said perhaps one of the biggest and influential terrorists lives behind a black door with No.10 stamped on it? No? I'm sorry, but the politics of fear is just as an effective terror weapon as any c4 explosive package... perhaps more so, because ideas are that powerful.

I do believe there is a real physical terrorist threat, yes of course I do. However, I believe it's being deliberately played up and the politics of fear is being played like a card to bring in REALLY dodgy measures that under normal circumstances, the general public would NEVER accept.

The thing that bothers me, is that I don't see an end to this. I don't trust any of the political parties with our democratic future at the moment. None of them seem worthy of it. I believe if you don't believe in a parties policies heart and soul, you shouldn't vote for them. Why should we have to settle for the least worst party?

I trust Gordon Brown, he seems like a man of integrity to me. However I don't see Blair standing aside until some fancier job comes along... like maybe EU President or err Supreme Potentate (that was said tongue in cheek before any eschatological fiction readers get all excited!).

What hope for this country? It's going to the dogs.
Thoughts anyone?

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